Saturday, January 31, 2009

3rd day of CNY with friends

On the 3rd day of CNY, 28.01.09, I had joined the only one "house-visiting marathon" 马拉松拜年 with my friends at hometown, especially those I knew during high school years.

My "driver" of the day was Siow Teng. She first fetched Hoon and came to visit my house.
Our stations of the day: YingEr>KarMay>JingSoon>WeiJie>KaiXian>SookNee>YapHoon>Me

Ning, Hoon, Teng and me ^^ @ May's house
4 of us were in the same group for catching insects during form 6~

main characters> KaiXian, ChinRong and Nee @ JingSoon's house

Some people joined in at some stations while some left on the half way. The people I had met were Hoon, May and her bf, Teng,Nee, YinNing, LiuQing, JingSoon, YingEr, WeiJie, KaiXian, XiaoHao, CheeHao, Yingzi, ChinRong and SookTeng.
I had many packets of beverage that day @@" imagine how much of sugar I had consumed! We didn't eat any rice or noodles that day for lunch and dinner! Although I was still not 100% recovered, I started to eat whatever junks I like lolz... I would still drink as much water as possible lah...

Oops, captured! I was eating 'ngaku' hahaha... @ Hoon's house

@Hoon's house: ChinRong, KaiXian, Me, Yingzi, Nee, Hoon, Teng... WeiJie was sitting on the floor...

Another shoot from different angle, captured by WeiJie

CNY holiday is always a good time for friends to gather and hang out together. However, I miss Ching as she had to go back NTU on the 2nd day of CNY. She had to attend lectures again on the 3rd day of CNY.

The CNY this year is not as fun as I have expected. I didn't get chance to meet many other friends, although I had one-week holiday. Anyhow, I did spend precious moments with my family.

Many people have made a lot of changes as time passes. I hope my best friends and I will still able to keep in touch through at least this kind of gathering again. Visiting friends and family houses during CNY is really a good tradition!

photos of the day were captured by Wei Jie's Nikon D40 DSLR.


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