Thursday, January 29, 2009

Immunology lab work

On the 22nd January 2009, Thursday, those including me who were taking Immunology course had to give injection to chicken and rabbit at animal house of USM.

Most of us didn't know where was the animal house before that. Now we know haha... it is located behind the Dewan Utama Pelajar (DUP)! There were a lot of rabbits and chickens!

For this course's practical, we need to inject chicken with bacteria; and rabbit with protein solution, in order to induce the production of antibodies.

For this first time, injection was done by the lab instructor. We would have to do it by ourselves the next times. In my group, there are 10 of us. Some of us helped to hold the animals while some calmed them.
It's kinda cruel to do such experiment on them? Well, if think from another way, we gain knowledge from this experiment and their sacrifice contributes a lot, as long as we are not doing this without good purposes. If we handle the procedures well, the animals will not be killed.

me in my school t-shirt with our group chicken.

hey don't misunderstand, we are not killing the cute large rabbit with that tool. It was used to locate the rabbit so that it wouldn't able to move, for the sake of smooth injection.

Hope that our group will carry out the whole experiment well and without killing the innocent animals.


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