Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 牛 Year ^^

Happy Niu Year~!
Happy 牛 Year!!!!

yo.... now is already 26th of January 2009, also the first day of Chinese New Year, the OX year ^^

Unlike last year which I had only few days holiday, this time I can have one-week holiday hehe... because this holiday is counted in the Mid-sem break =.=".
I came back home on Friday night. It was my first time of experiencing the traffic jam at Penang bridge for one hour, at 5pm. In fact I bought 4pm bus ticket, but it had delayed one hour @@". Anyhow, as long as the bus is safe to ride then no problem!

After one-month of study (sick also), we have this relaxing and happy holiday. But after that there will be very less holiday (or none at all?). Even now I can't really enjoy the celebration fully as I didn't finish the tasks beforehand. Tests coming soon, like organizational behaviour test, immunology etc. Also the Oral Presentation for my English class, I have chosen Euthanasia as my title but I haven't prepared anything yet.

About my illness, to tell the truth, I haven't fully recovered. I have been coughing for more than one week... wah... it really takes long period for me to be free of this sickness huh... that's why I do realised how important is health to me~! I had tried to avoid eating those "heating" food and drank lots of "cooling" beverages for almost one month already! If I can practise that kind of eating habits during normal days.... haiz...
However I guess I won't follow strictly this CNY, I won't able to control the irresistible delicious food!
With the care from my mum and dad, I will recover soon!
Must fight win the illness before fighting for study again~

Anyway, thanks for the CNY wishes from my friends ya ^^
Let me share a funny sms here (in chinese):
马对牛说:Love u!
牛说:Love u 2!
马说:Miss u.
牛说:Miss u 2!
马说:Can I kiss u?

hahaha... 不错吧?这个笑话。。。笑笑没烦恼哦。。。
新年快乐 ^^


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