Saturday, January 03, 2009

the Last day of 2008 & the 1st day of 2009

What did I do on the 31st December, the very last day of year 2008?

After attending class, it was 6pm. I had brought along my little luggage because I would stay overnight at Bei Shan’s house at Desa Air Mas. Before going there, I met her and Anna, and then we went to society’s cubicle (理华会所) to take some mats, plastic boxes, spoons and forks. Our Choir Group 理华歌咏组 had planned a dinner gathering the next night, dishes would be prepared by Bei Shan oh… these things were borrowed as needed in the meal hehe…

After discussion on internet with others, we had decided to have our dinner at Pizza Hut.

Surely I who was still sick couldn't eat pizza, and I thought I still could have spaghetti as my dinner. However, the waitress told us it was not available because the spaghetti was out of stock. Ridiculous… you know, we saw other customers were having it later on. They did so because they didn’t want to take time to cook spaghetti during busy hours, we guessed.

Pizza with such small portion of toppings...! cheat us huh...

So, I could just watch 5 of them (Anna, Bei Shan, Yin Jie, Zhen Ning and Jia Xi; all of them are my teammates in Choir except Jia Xi) enjoying the pizza… I had only 3 glasses of Pepsi and a bowl of mushroom soup! =.=”

Next, we went to Tesco Extra to buy the materials for the dinner next night. Then, we carried those stuffs back to Bei Shan’s house together. While others chit-chatting in the room, I cooked “agar-agar” with milo flavour, Bei Shan helped me to test the taste. It was my first time tried on milo flavour. Without special programme, we welcomed the arrival of 1st January 2009. Watched the fireworks together at the balcony, from this 16th floor, we could see 9 spots from far away with fireworks lolz, but those were too small from our view. The nearest could be the one from Queensbay Mall.

1st January 2009

After that, we watched a video recording using Bei Shan’s laptop. It was the concert recording of “The Wanderers” of year 2008. Jia Xi, Bei Shan, Yin Jie and Zhen Ning were the performers of that night too. We were very naughty because we didn’t sleep the whole night long. After watching the video, we were chatting, almost about everything… since it was already 4am when 4 of them planned to leave, we thought we should just stayed together till 6am then had our breakfast. Wow… we really did so. We had dim sum as our breakfast at 6am at Mei Shi Zhi Jia 美食之家at Pekaka.

This was how we started our first ever morning in 2009. Another 1st experience I had that morning, Shallin borrowed Kiki’s manual car, and I drove and fetched Bei Shan and Shallin to Bayan Baru’s market to buy some other materials at about 8am. Wow… luckily it was a safe short journey! I was not get used to power steering, however still managed to control the car and the clutch well.

I had few hours sleeping then, while Bei Shan had just rested not more than one hour. At about 5pm, some of the Choir teammates came and “helped”.

all of the 歌咏组组委 choir teammates

wah.. Zhen Ning was the one who inserted the spoon like that! choi...

There were total 15 of us – 10 choir teammates, 1 choir senior Jing Yuan, 4 choir juniors Zhong Hui, Yi Ting, Bi Wei and Pinky.

We carried all the dishes, mats, drinks etc down to the pavilion of the apartment. We had our dinner there; by sitting on the mats haha… it was like having picnic! And by the swimming pool! A nice dinner indeed! We had played some games afterwards…

nice picture? look carefully, those were middle fingers~! Mine was not included in this picture haha...
A nice 1st January 2009 I had ^^


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