Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Japan Festival 09

Last week, Japanese Language Society of USM had organized Japan Festival 2009, with the support from Consulate General of Japan in Penang, Malaysia.

There were lots of activities held along the weekdays, such as Ikebana (floral arrangement), Sushi making, Origami (paper-folding), Street performances, Harajuku Fashion & Cosplay, Yukata Wearing, Japanese games and movie showing.
After Ikebana session, we took the flowers used back home haha..

With the help of members, we did it successfully. I myself was the Department head of Training department. In fact, I think I had just contributed little haha… By the way, my contribution was done by helping out on duty – under documentation, to take photographs.

all cosplayers...^^
after chado session... group photo... hehe
I guess all of us had enjoyed much while busy with duties etc. Most of us had joined the activities too and took lots of photos. The decorations were nice! The hard work done for decorations were all worthwhile, congratz to our decoration department! hehe..
yukata ^^ with nice background...
with autumn background
spring.... hehe... nice leh ^^


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