Monday, December 29, 2008

2.88 & 3.19

22nd December 2008, Monday

This day was the 1st day of my 2nd semester of 2nd year study. With luck, I had passed all of the papers took in my last semester final exam, with GPA only 2.88 =.=”
I didn’t have high expectation, and in fact this result was already far better than what I had expected. The result was released on 19th. I should be very fortunate for still able to maintain above 3.0 CGPA, e.g.: 3.19 until last semester.

MYCOLOGY --------------------------------------- B
BACTERIOLOGY --------------------------------- B
VIROLOGY ---------------------------------------- C+
ACADEMIC ENGLISH --------------------------- A-
ETHNIC RELATIONS --------------------------- A-

Quite average huh the grades, 2A-, 2B, 2C+. However, the ones which are A- were only of 2 units each, while the core subjects Virology 3 units and Calculus 4 units …. Only C+
Calculus should be the subject that helps me, but it is now the one which pull down the overall grades. From calculus, the mathematics subject which requires efforts, you could figure out how much efforts I had put on my study! I used to get very good scores for mathematics, while I was still very young and hardworking.
For test 1, I obtained 46/50.
For test 2, I was only able to get half of the test1 marks – 23/50.
The reason was simply because I didn’t do the latter tutorials.

I really hope I can study harder for this semester. However, if I have more free time than before, will I really use the time for study instead of playing around? More self-disciplined is needed!

For this semester, I’m taking 6 papers with a total 18 units:
CORE : Microbial Genetics (3 units)
CORE : Immunology (3 units)
CORE : Physiology and Nutrition of Microbes (3 units)
U-course : Scientific and Medical English (2 units)
Minor : Organisational Behaviour (4 units)
Elective : Techniques in Biotechnology (3 units)

These papers are even harder compared to last semester @@”
Question: Can I still manage to keep my CGPA above 3.00?!?

Sigh… motivation! Self-control! Self-discipline! Good lifestyle anyhow helps much! (it's really true)!


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