Thursday, January 01, 2009


I had fallen sick since last Tuesday, 22nd December 2008 morning. The fever didn't want to leave me alone for days... @@" even I went to see doctor on 24th evening at the Health Centre in USM. As predicted, I was given panadols, antibiotics, vitamins and another for gastric in case I had one (?).

After days taking in those medications, I was getting better but not fully recovered yet until today. The body temperature still keeps at higher-than normal all the times, it should by the immune system for working all the times to kill those invading microbes haha (well, it's a complicated process part of our body immune system, just learnt it in my Immunology... not yet studied on my own, hahaha... lazy with being sick as reason lolz).

Now, I have sore throats and coughing, should be a good sign showing that I'm going to be fully recovered from the ill! hehe..
I seldom fall sick, but once it happens, it will last very long, at least for one week. And again I'm considered lucky, I had so many bad habits in my lifestyles such as sleeping late almost everyday, even during holidays; drinking coffee almost everyday and sometimes two cups per day etc. When everything is accumulated; and suppressed randomly by some rests maybe, in long term, when the body could no longer bear those "heat", then it needs a longer time for them all to be released haha... (sounds non scientific huh...).

On the 24th, which was also the Christmas eve, I was quite pitiful as I was having high fever, just back from seeing doctor and stayed in my room then. haha... just slept and slept xp. What to do, couldn't go anywhere since I was sick.
On the 25th then, the Christmas day, my coursemates were inviting me along to Wei Cher's house for bbq session. Although I actually couldn't eat anything there, I still liked to join them as it's a coursemate gathering! hehe...

These days, I had been using my illness as excuse not to go out, not to study etc lolz... instead I used my time fully to watch TVB drama珠光宝气! the best hit drama lately, which is of many episodes and have not ended yet.

I must take care of my health more! Without my healthy body, I can't really do anything effectively! And really sorry to my parents for worrying me everyday, hehe... my parents even worried I might become fainted and unconscious in my room alone, without anybody knew! Thanks for friends who concerned about me, I promise I will take care of myself well okay hehe (just committed one "crime" for not sleeping the whole night =.=", guilty-ing).


Anonymous Jeanne said...

bou zhong arrr

January 01, 2009 4:30 pm  
Blogger ian ian said...

I presume you're in good health huh? Take good care ya! It's pretty upset to be fallen sick for so long, especially on festive season.

January 03, 2009 2:47 am  

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