Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost & Found

Something absent-minded happened.
Last Monday, 22nd December 2008, before going to laboratory, I had withdrawn RM100 from ATM machine. For convenience, I just tuck in the money into the small pockets of my jeans. I thought it would be safe and not easily fell. I had forgotten about the money in the pocket until I was relaxing in my room at night. Then, I was panic as I couldn’t find the money in its original place. I searched every possible corners in my room but still failed to see the money. Being uneasy, I went to ‘yumcha’ with my fellow juniors at mamak restaurant.

On the 23rd December 2008, Tuesday, my coursemate TSK called me and told me that he saw a notice at our School of Biological Science saying that there’s someone lost money at the laboratory. Thus, immediately I went to the lab and found the lab assistant to inquire about that matter. After telling some of the info to her, she verified that the money belonged to me. Yea, RM100 lost and found! Hehe… lucky!

Although RM100 isn't a big amount, it is still hard-earn money. For those who have done any job, they will understand. For me, I have to stand for the whole day long to get RM100 by doing part time job. I know how hard to earn that, so I do appreciate it.... some more I am so poor now... didn't earn any money during the last holiday o...

So, the lesson learnt, I must keep the money in safer place, right after withdraw it from ATM machine! Haha…
Really thanks the lab assistant for being such a honest and helpful person ^^


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