Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Back" Penang and...

Many things had happened in just about one week since I came “back” USM for the new semester 2 of 0809.
After spending about one month at my home, it is time to face cruel reality again. Although I have found my own good way to be alone doing all the things on my own, still I don’t like being alone… hence I really unlikely to face the truth. I’ve almost forgotten how once I had been looking forward for life at USM.
When I turn back and see, everyone, everything seemed changing a lot since 1st year 1st semester until now, good or bad one? I don’t know… but everything has become stranger to me, and I have become lonelier, and more independent? I’m kind of lost now…

On 21st December 2008, Sunday, my dad sent me to bus station and I reached Penang at about 3pm. I was lucky that my dear junior Gui Song was willing to give me a free ride haha. However, while waiting for him, I had to endure the hot hot weather at Penang Island!
Many things had also happened on that day itself. Good and bad things. First… I was abandoned by my roommate! She told me her best friend, who was also from China, wanted to stay with her….and some more she had already moved her luggage into “my room” when I moved in. Well… you know what did she mean? She wanted to exchange room with me…what could I say? Could I say NO? I thought it was quite impossible… even I rejected, more things coming up for me later for sure… I’m always been “forgotten”… sigh…

After “visiting” her room at 4th floor, and understood that her roommate was an Indian… still I agreed to her request. Hence, I moved from 8th floor to 4th floor. In fact, I had stayed before at the room next to the room I’m staying currently. And the room is facing the main road outside hostel, facing the pedestrian bridge connecting hostel to USM. It’s quite noisy as there are a lot of vehicles using the main road. However I can still adapt to this matter. For my new roommate, so far I have just seen her once. She has not moved in yet. She is a local Penang people and hence not staying at hostel everyday. I think I should be able to get along well with her!

Ok, once I moved in, I needed to clean the room. However, the things I had to use in cleaning including the ones for cleaning myself (bathing) also in the boxes stored in store room, and the store room was not yet opened for us to get our things. Then I was forced to use old newspaper available in the room to do the cleaning. I had only realized there were two rags on another table after most of the works were done.

I had my dinner with LWW and TSK. Since I thought I would have no shampoo and shower foam for bathing, LWW and I went shopping at Tesco Extra by walking. Really thanks him for accompanying me. After that, I was truly surprised and grateful that one of the junior whose hometown is at Penang purposely came over my hostel just to send me a bowl of Tang Yuan. That day was Winter Solstice/DongZhi. Thanks ZhongHui! Hehe… felt very warm for that action^^
By the way, I should really be grateful, because I had eaten the Tang Yuan for 3 times this year. Before coming back USM, my grandmother had made the Tang Yuan purposely for me to taste. Also, she celebrated the DongZhi one day earlier just because of me! Hehe…

Another surprise I got on the 21st December 2008, I went to my hostel café to get online for a while, and a group of guys wearing santa hats came approached me, and positioned themselves to form a circle with me in the centre, then sang a Merry Christmas song to me! Haha, weird feel, kind of embarrassed as I was surrounded by those guys. However, it was truly unforgettable… thanks for their wishes and actually one of the purpose was to invite me for attending their party on Christmas eves.

Next, a tiring job I was forced to do. Finally the store room of my hostel was opened. Hence, it was good suffering time for me to carry all the heavy boxes (which were packed by me one month ago) the long way back to my current room all by myself. After doing the labour, I was sweating lot and felt so exhausted… and it took me about 2 hours to get all the things back to positions. At last, I could only take my bath at 12am!

Phew~ what a tiring day to me~! It was all happened in just the 1st day I was back to Penang!


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