Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shopping again... @ Midvalley

17.12.08, Wednesday

I had been busy writing resume for industrial training (Latihan Industri = LI) application, since I had no much idea in the format etc, it took me quite much time... in fact few weeks as I was lack of motivation to finish the task. My School of Biological Sciences USM doesn't force us to do the LI, but it would be a good way for us to adapt to the real working environment and gain more knowledge.
I had planned to apply LI at Hospital Selayang which is nearby my home. Well, depends on my luck then.

Besides busy with resume stuffs, with the critical situation of seeking new clothes for CNY, haha... I had invited Jin for shopping at Midvalley. I would be busy with activities and studies after I go back to USM, hence I must settle this matter first!

Once we arrived Midvalley at about 11.30am, we went to buy movie tickets... luckily the time was still early and hence short queue. We planned to watch The Day The Earth Stood Still. Then, we went for shopping while walking towards the real destination -- restaurant for lunch.

At 2pm, we had watched the movie... wow... Keanu Reeves is still very handsome hahaha
However, my opinion for this movie, not really nice. The technology seems ok, but there were still more rooms for the storyline to improve. It was far from my expectation towards this movie! So, I wasn't satisfied enough... never mind, it was only RM7 hehe...

Jin and I then continued our shopping spree... (more on window shopping anyway). We had almost visited all the shops with sales on clothes. We didn't shop at The Gardens by the way.

After hours of walking, I had just bought a short pants and a blouse. Jin had bought some too...
Again, besides shopping, we had taken some photos with the pretty christmas decorations at Midvalley. We had our crispy chicken of Shih Lin meal set as our dinner before leaving off at 9pm.

haha... what a long-hour shopping! It's the great ability of a woman possess huh?!

oh ya... I had my hair-cutting on Monday, and it took me the whole afternoon. It's because it was not merely hair-cutting but also with rebonding!

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