Thursday, December 18, 2008

PC Fair @ KLCC 08

12.12.08, Friday

PC Fair again stormed KLCC convention centre again from 12th to 14th December 2008. I would always like to update myself yearly with the latest prices of the hardwares and laptops etc. So, like last year, I went to PC fair haha...

In fact, I had planned to do some part-time job during this one-month semester break. One of the on-list job was PC fair promoter. Although I had applied for few positions, I failed to get any. Well, as a result I didn't work at all, and hence no income, merely output~~~ money flows out!

This time, only May wanted to accompany me to PC fair (although my dad wanted to go on Saturday too lolz). Both of us walked the whole halls, visited/passed by almost every booth. She wanted to get details about laptops suitable for graphic designs; while I actually just checked out the prices, bought mouse for my laptop, bought a pretty casing for my digital camera and helped Jin to buy ink cartridge.

The crowd that day should be less than Saturday's and Sunday's, still there's a lot of people. After visit to PC fair, both of us had our light lunch and took some photos with the christmas decoration in KLCC. Then, we started our shopping at ISETAN haha...
However, again, like the past few times, I didn't get to buy anything....

me with the tall christmas tree at KLCC.. my face is getting rounder o.O



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