Friday, December 19, 2008

1U 1U 1U

14.12.08, Sunday

Again, I went to shopping mall with my family. Hmm... went to One Utama again. Wah.. I went to 1U for the 3rd time in this holiday. Of course, my main purpose to choose 1U as destination was for its Christmas decoration.

The decoration this year was not as pretty as last year's. It's more classy, with most decorated with lights but also with special poker cards; while last year's more cute.

Realizing that I had had less time to buy new clothes for the Chinese New Year in the near-end January 09, I must bought some clothes before going home! haha.... and therefore I had bought a short pant and a long pant.... my youngest brother had bought some too... oh ya, another younger brother didn't come along as he went back to college. This period was the only time we could see my daddy being so generous in buying clothes.

Hope to see the christmas decoration at The Curve and Ikano, however we had no time then.... I heard my friends said the decorations there were not bad...~~



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