Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunway Pyramid with S-i-x of us

10.12.08, Wednesday

That day was a great nice day! I had been longing for the gathering with 5 of my best buddies -- Ching, Hoon, Jin, May, Nee...
6 of us were studying in the same primary school, SJK (c) Desa Jaya; same secondary school, SMK Taman Ehsan until form 6.

Among 5 of them, I have known Ching and Jin for the longest period. We were studying in the same class since standard 4, until form 5! However, we had only got to know each other better during form 1 as the gang of friends we used to mix around during primary studies were no longer studying in the same school with us.
Although we didn't study in the same class during form 6, we always hang out together... and keep in touch..
Conclusion, I have known Ching and Jin for 12 years!

Next, Nee... I knew her since last few months of standard 6. I could still remember how she had approached me that time, to ask me whether she as a prefect could participate in a performance. Well, I had no idea why she asked me that question since I was not in charged in that particular event... haha... then, I found out she studied in the same class with me during form 1. Since she had no other friends there, naturally she became my best buddy who was sitting next to me in the class.
However, she then changed to the next class in form 2, and I had shared the same class with her for only One year... we were also in different class during form 6.
Nevertheless, we still managed to keep our friendship till today... hehe
Nee and I are already friends for 10 years.

May, actually I had seen her always during primary school years as we were going to school by the same bus. I'd only got to know her for real in form 1, as we were waiting the bus together, also she was my friend's friend, if not mistaken.
We didn't share the same class ever but still able to become best friends lolz. Because of her, I'd got to know Hoon as both of them were classmates during form 1.
She had become Ching and Jin's classmate during form 6.
hmm.. May and I have known each other for 9 years.

About Hoon... as mentioned, May introduced her to me at the beginning of form 2. May knew Hoon didn't have any friend known after transferring to my class, so she gave me a task to take care of her lolz. Hence, Hoon became my "neighbour" and since then she have become my best classmate and listener... we had each other as company from form 2 till form 6!
Hoon and I, 8 years of friendship... and is ongoing!

It's really hard for us to hang out together nowadays... because everyone is busy with studies... at different corners of Malaysia.
me> Ching> Hoon> Jin> May> Nee
Penang> S'pore> KL> KL> KL> Sabah


Ok, I shall return to the topic of outing that day hehe...
Since we failed to organise a few-day trip, we made it to just one-day outing. The usual "pilot Nee" was nice for keeping her promise to join us, and even be our driver of the day. I'm really happy, being able to hang out with you! She fetched 5 of us and our destination was Sunway Pyramid.
Most of us seldom went there for shopping. First programme was to sing karaoke at Red Box Sunway Pyramid. What a long time we didn't sing together... and I missed Hoon's nice singing very much! hehe...

At 2pm, we went for a game at Arcade game! hehe... we played Mario car racing. 4 players could play together, hence there were Ching, Jin, May and I. The result was Jin being the champion, I obtained the second place, May the 3rd and Ching the last xp. Hoon, as usual... didn't like to play games! While Nee had a game with May before already.

Then, we took some photos with the christmas decoration in between shopping time.



the christmas decoration at "new wing"

photo shooting with May kept on laughing.... kekeke
we're trying to imitate the poses found in cover photo of HK drama

this time, May became the photographer instead; while I became the "actress".... well, I wasn't able to keep serious face long... but the effect was still okay I guess?... burst into laughter easily!

After shopping for hours, we left Sunway Pyramid and had our dinner together at Murni Mamak Restaurant in SS2, Petaling Jaya. This restaurant was strongly recommended by Jin, as she is now more familiar to hang out at SS2 area with her UM coursemates.

Well, you try to search Murni Mamak SS2 in googles, you will then find out lots of related results with lots of photos too! Too bad that I didn't take photo of the food we had ordered that night.
This Mamak restaurant is really different from the normal one! It's huge, besides occupying its shop, the tables could be seen along the street, in front of other shops, after those shops closed at evening/night.
It's nice to say that the boss(?) had reminded us to take good care of our bags as they might be easily snatched away, since we were sitting at the corner of the road junction.

I had ordered a Carrot special (RM5). Almost whatever you can think of, they can prepare them! What's inside the big carrot special? hehe... there were lychees, watermelon, nata de coco...and this carrot juice was ice-blended too! The same materials were found in other juice special, such as Ribena special, Watermelon special etc.
Nee had ordered the common-found-at-Mamaks Teh Tarik. Well, it's quite special too because, the tea used was of Lipton tea bag! o.O

About the food we had ordered... Spaghetti Carbonara, Mee Raja... and Roti Milo Cheese!!!! =.=" Such special food exist..., and they were indeed delicious... although some kinda weird...lolz
As with the beverage, whatever you could name it, they can prepare it! The not-so-mamak Murni mamak is also famous with its claypot lo shu fun!... nasi lemak, western food etc... really superb! And those are all delicious... according to other people who had tried them...

Take a look at this website with photos of those food!

I have to praise one more thing, the workers who take order. The worker who took our orders did his job by just memorizing without any paper. And the food came were all correct as what we had ordered. Superb again... although there were a lot of other people who can do so, I myself certainly cannot! sigh....

I must try out more next time! and to explore more famous eating places hehe... We had a full dinner, and most of us couldn't finish the huge glass of drink...

I was really happy and cherished the hours we spent together that day. Thank you, my friends, my best buddies, my best listeners. I know we can hardly gather as a whole again... sooner, we will again busy with our studies... and works? Wish our friendship remain strong and even grow stronger! hehe



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