Monday, December 08, 2008

my 3rd hubby -- SE w660i

ngek ngek ngek... on 4th December 2008, with RM525, I had bought a new mobile phone, a cool red walkman phone Sony Ericsson w660i~

My important valuables = hubby ^^
1st place:
Acer 3683NWXCi, RM1999 (March year 2007)
2nd place:
Olympus μ830, with extra lithium battery, RM900 (May year 2008)
3rd place: Sony Ericsson w600i, with extra 1Gb M2 card, RM525 (December 2008)

Okay, the previous mobile phone, Sony Ericsson k700i could still function, but my thumb was hurted after struggling hard with navigating its joystick. The joystick had already malfunctioned in navigation to right and up; and sooner, to down. I always accidentally made calls while I was searching the contacts etc; sending a sms had become a hard task. In addition, another problem arose, when chatting on the phone, my friends claimed that they couldn't hear me clearly, the echo was heavy, seems like it was the speaker problem?

Anyhow, since I was hoping to get a mobile phone with walkman function as I didn't have a mp3 player, with the considered-old-3-year-old k770i that had problems, then I thought it was logical for me to change my mobile phone hehe...

This time, I had set my budget within RM500. yea... last time I did set a budget before buying the digital camera... but exceeded about RM200 lolz...
however, I'm far more self-disciplined now, I bought this SE w660i with only RM525... in fact, this AP set (with 512mb M2 card) cost RM480... but I requested for a 1Gb M2 memory card, so it became RM525.
Luckily I didn't buy it at Sungei Wang that day, as I was offered RM550 for the same. Finally this mobile phone was bought by my aunt at Sungai Buloh shopping mall.

At first, there were 3 Sony Ericsson models that I had considered long... with similar budget... k550i, w610i (I prefer w810i but it was no longer available in the market), w660i
Both W series are walkman phones, while the k550i is more on camera function. However, in fact both
k550i and w610i are about the same, from the functions to their outer appearances.
Both have autofocus 2.0 mega pixels camera, with flashlight; both have what I want, the nice sound quality which I can use the phone as mp3 player; both have FM radio; no longer Joysticks (no joy at all for me after k700i)
everything was perfect to me except their keypad being too narrow to press.

On the other hand, w660i has also the 2.0 mega pixels camera without a lens cover (k550i has), but it is WITHOUT autofocus and flashlight. These are the main Cons to me. However, it has extra function of having 3G and its keypad is better than the other two mentioned.

It is like asking me to choose either 3G connectivity or better camera function. I had been confused for these... 3G is not a need for me now, no people would wanna use 3G with me I guess... a better camera function seemed more attractive to me but I've already a good digital camera that is 8.0mp.
So... these 2 criteria didn't really affect much I guess. It should be the keypad that matters then. and Tada.... w660i won my heart and becomes my 3rd-placed hubby lolz~ with its ROSE red cloth and gold decos.
I did many "researches" before I made my decisions!

References on w660i ^^
Sony Ericsson phoneportfolio
Sony product
Mobile Review (very detailed)
eprice taiwan review (in chinese)
eprice taiwan,photos
I like its come-along earphones! hehe.. in red colour too!
It can also be the earphone with 3.5mm jack inserted to laptop!


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