Saturday, September 27, 2008

Huey's 21st Birthday~

22nd September 2008, Monday

After our Hubungan Etnik presentation (most of my friends had done it on the same day, not every group though), my gang of friends went to Pizza Hut @ Sungai Dua together to celebrate Min Huey's 21st Birthday!

There were 10 of us -- 5 guys and 5 girls! haha.... so balanced huh
Yen, Huey, Tzy Yin, NZC, Me
LWW, Wei Cher, Ming, LBK, TSK
all of us are of Pure Biology ~

Min Huey's 20th birthday was the first birthday celebrated amongst our gang since we knew each other after entered USM. One year past! fast indeed.. We celebrated her birthday last year at KFC... it should be the first time we took big group photo together...

although before that I felt isolated and some kind of negative feelings, now I'm okay, and I truly treasure our friendship, University life without you all would be dull... I wish the time not to pass too fast.

Happy 21st Birthday, to our birthday girl Huey~

Keep your beautiful SMILE all the time ya! ^^


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