Friday, September 19, 2008

USM as APEX university!

I know it's kinda late and outdated to mention about this news at this time, but anyhow.... it is still not too late to say congratulations USM~!

Getting the APEX (accelerated programme for excellence) status, anything special about this?

Quoted from news :

The university that is given apex status is one that has the greatest potential among Malaysian universities to be world-class, and as such, would be given additional assistance to compete with top-ranked global institutions

with apex status, USM will be expected to move up the World University Rankings with a target of top 200 in five years' and top 100, if not top 50, by 2020.

is it possible to reach such a far-to-reach target in such a short period? hmm... you comment it...haha...

By the way, I heard that for the next new undergraduate students intake, it will be a hard time for students hoping to get into USM... maybe...
Since USM is now a research-based university, and is now given the APEX status.... haha... I should really be glad and thankful that I'm now in USM!

Imagine that if I was not accepted into any public university last year..... @@"... I was lucky enough to be accepted, with my not-so-good result, and some more it is USM main campus... with good environment, and not-bad facilities...
Of course there are weaknesses.. hmm..

Hope that USM can really keep moving on, to reach the TOP~


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