Friday, September 19, 2008

LaTe again oh... english

@@... was waking up late today!

Supposed my english class started at 8.20am, and I woke up at 8.15am!
with 3 alarms... I still managed to switch them off and continued lying on my warm bed!

I couldn't skip the class because there was a writing test....
Luckily, I managed to get myself there by 8.45am.... hehe, not bad huh my speed!
and fortunately, my teacher Sara was kind enough, she waited all of us who were late to reach the class before starting the writing test ^^

the title for today that carried 10% of the final exam:
Water pollution is seriously affecting marine life. Suggest ways to save them. (something like that....)
300 words, 50minutes given to complete.

The students taking this level 300 mostly are divided into the class according to respective courses. Like me, I'm from School of Biological Sciences and hence the class I am in is of all students from the same school. The title for the writing test was hence given according to the course too! That is why the title today was related to biology!

I don't know how was my essay, was it good? I think the points were too few and some vocabularies were wrongly used. With the limited words, I couldn't elaborate my points well ....

I seldom read newspaper or any english novels recently, and blog less, I can hardly improve my english language proficiency....sigh...

oh ya... yesterday I went to Queensbay mall with Mei Chen! wow... it had been a long time I didn't go to a shopping mall... busy with activities everyday until having not enough time to sleep.
In fact, it was a great time went shopping with her although I was really tired and no mood to buy anything.

Everything was in rush, I finished typing the meeting reports in Chinese language by waking up early in the morning; and had just few hours sleeping. Although it was holiday on Wednesday, I couldn't finish the tasks during the whole Wednesday. The meeting reports were needed for yesterday night's meeting, so I must had had setttled the job before going out.
Luckily yesterday was also a holiday for me because I had no class to attend; and that was why I could go shopping with Mei Chen too hehe.

Sacrificed sleeping hours to go shopping, hmm... typical woman behaviour? lolz.. nolah, I wished to go out, out of campus to do something different... than keeping myself in the campus all the time. I wish to chat with her, I wish to spend more time with my gal friends!


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