Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Birthday~

Yesterday I slept few hours and then woke up at 1.3oam to study the plant diversity until this morning, then straight away went for sitting the test at 9.30am... @@"

Result would be known by next week, this test contributes 10% to the final exam result too... I think I am still doing alright, meaning not too bad, but not good either... haiz..

After the test, few of my coursemates and I had persuaded Huey to go eating at KFC although the time is still early for having lunch at 11am.
Kuang, Chin and Yen used some excuses to stop by some other places and would join us later at KFC... in fact, they used the chance to buy birthday cake...

Today was Huey's birthday, hehe.. I guess she actually knew what we wanted to do... it's quite easy to guess right? lolz... but she just pretended she didn't know and just followed what we had planned for her...
Although predictable, she had still got surprised as 3 of them came from behind suddenly while singing birthday song! ahahaha...

Happy Birthday to Min Huey, 20 years old already oh!!! Happy Happy 20 years old~

This was the very first time we celebrated birthday together since we entered USM. hehe... they are my good buddies now... and I am so enjoying the moments we can spend together, like having lectures and lunch together... lot of laughters could be heard because they like to joke so much lolz...

eh... where's the birthday girl??? Actually she's the one capturing this photo...lolz

Hind row (left to right): Wee Wang, WQ, Shi Yen, Zui Chin, Me, Shin Kuang
Front row: Yoke Ming, Min Huey ; all of us are Pure Biology students!

At night, we had another "feast" -- steamboat!
Huey, Thiam Hui, Valerie, May Ying, Anthony (not really know about him though) and I had the dinner together at the restaurant nearby .... it costed RM18 per person! We didn't really eat much... hmm... next time try another restaurant for other food haha...

oh ya.. yesterday 21st September was my younger brother, Yu's birthday too!
Happy 19th birthday to YU! Hope you can study hard and don't make us worry about you so much ahaha!


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