Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singing Competition Final 0809

I was in charged of taking photograph for the Singing Competition organised by TiongHua Society's GeYong Division. So, as the working committee, I had attended the rehearsals on Friday night and also Saturday afternoon. Also, since I am the committee of the GeYong Division, I tried to help anything that I could.

On the Saturday night 20.09.08 itself, it was the Singing Competition Final. Every participant could sing very well! I had been busy taking photos and some short video clips to complete my task haha.... I like the job as photographer actually, although my skill isn't that good xp.

Overall, the event was a success. It was not running very smooth, with quite some technical problems etc... well, can't blame because there were people lacking experiences too. Anyhow, congratulations to the winners; also to every organising and working committee!

The winners of the night~

Organising committee members, working committee members and Emcees~



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