Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It was Mid-Autumn festival two days ago... as usual, we as wanderers were unable to go home. In fact, as we grow up, even I was at home, we wouldn't really celebrate it, no longer like the time we were still children...
Anyway, was missing my family again. Because it is tiring to continue my life here now.... something in mess... I will think positive, and in fact I'm getting well, physically and mentally maybe...

My style of taking nap is improving, lolz... I could sleep well in the library, by using my arms as pillow to support my head on the table (sounds scary, well, don't know how to describe, english level again deteriorating ... although I'm taking an english paper this semester)
I have adapted the habit to sleep on my laptop/arms/books/table while the posture was sitting, and I could sleep quite soundly in that kind of not-so-comfortable posture. 趴着睡也行哦?真的可以睡得很熟,曾经半个小时内没醒过!
Maybe I'm really exhausted. I've also changed my alarm tone to other song... the old one was no longer able to wake me up. (I use my hp to be my alarm clock).

Am adjusting myself to many things now... sigh....
But I know I can do it, I will change my bad attitude, I will remind myself all the time, I cannot be a perfect person but I can be someone not to be hated. We should grow more mature after every incident happened. I think I've detected what I had done wrong in the past and of course am trying not to keep on repeating the wrong doings.

Why can't I get online in my hostel room ah? haiz...
I want to shoo... my loneliness away... am I able to do that?


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