Friday, August 22, 2008

Birthdays' Celebrations

In the past months, my gang had celebrated birthdays of our two friends -- Ah Ming and Tzy Yin.

07.07.08 Monday

It was the first day of our 2nd year study, 1st semester. We didn't have many lectures to attend.
It was also Ah Ming's 21st birthday.
Therefore, after dealing with courses registration etc at our School of Biological Science, we took Rapid Penang to Queensbay Mall.

Firstly we had our lunch at a Hong Kong style Restaurant -- 龙的传人... the price was still affordable but it's not cheap after all....
After that, we went to watch the movie -- Ironman. (it was the last movie I watched in cinema!)
Next, we just walked around and did some gals' shopping lolz while guys were waiting for us.

Ming, Me, Shi Yen, Tzy Yin, NZC, TSK... took after back to USM from QB mall.
Was taken by NZC's bf, and another one absent in the photo was Siong Loong who back earlier.

Next, our Tiong Hua society's Choir group 歌咏 friends celebrated Ming's birthday at Pizza Hut @ Sungai Dua.

Birthday celebration is always a good reason to hang out together =)

11.08.08 Monday

oh, another Birthday celebration, also on Monday....

It was Tzy Yin's 21st birthday. Upon her request, we had karaoke session at Red Box Gurney Plaza after attending lectures and tutorial.
The ones attended were Ming, LBK, TSK, Tzy Yin, Huey, Shi Yen & her bf came later, NZC and Me.

wah... while Tzy Yin's going to blow the candles, TSK was still busy singing huh...
Thanks to Huey for again cutting the cakes for us haha... she's always the one who do the job!

We had a great time that day. In fact, that day was a relaxing day for me, I had not gone out for entertainment since Ming's birthday. In the days between these two birthday celebrations, I was truly busy with activities. In fact, on that day too I had to rush back for meetings and I was late.
Anyhow, I was really happy that I decided to join them for celebration and karaoke session!

Also, I had actually forgotten the birthday of my Kai Kor -- Danny; his birthday was on 31st July... I only remembered it after many days past! =.=" was really sorry for that because I was busy till blur.... Paiseh oh... and thanks for forgiving me, kor... haha...
and Luckily I remembered my best friend's birthday -- Jin's on 28th July. If not I had to be sorry to two of them lolz...



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