Saturday, August 16, 2008

Time to Recharge "battery"

For one-month time, I didn't update my blog! ... ah, teruknya!
Sorry for dissapointing you, my fellow blog readers, すみません!
Other than busy with works, internet access in my room was very bad recently, so I couldn't get online that frequent anymore.... which also caused me failed to update blog...

Finally, I'm having one-week holiday, the mid-sem break... and convocation is in the progress now at USM, there were many cars driving around the campus, unlike the usual scene. Too bad to say that I didn't attend the convocation of any senior, because I didn't contact them and didn't know the time, besides I'm already back to home now.

As you know, I went back Penang two weeks earlier before the semester started. I have been busy since then ... as a student, my priority has changed to organizing + attending meeting + running activities, instead of studying! Almost everyday was lacking of sleep, went out before 10am everyday (sometimes 7++), and only went back to hostel after 9pm.... attending lectures, tutorials, doing labs, attending societies' meetings, running activities, performance practises etc... phew~~~ finally the super-packed life is ended temporarily now!

This time, I was looking forward to come back home, because I'm already exhausted, I need a rest.... I couldn't rest well when I was at my hostel, I kept my "fighting spirit" most of the time. Once I'm back to home, I start to feel very sleepy. It's the repeated case which happened each time I back to home from Penang lolz.

Thanks to my dear daddy, he had waited me for few hours by the time I reached the station in the afternoon today.

hehe... daddy is really missing his dearest daughter very much XP
Besides, thanks Ming, my best partner for again accompanying me... he has been very helpful, kind... and considerate, I feel sorry to him for always showing long face at him although he treated me nice, gomennasai...!

Although it's holiday now, I need to do 4 laboratory reports and study to prepare for 2 tests coming soon after holiday -- Calculus & Virology! @@"

*I always rushed my lab report at the very last minute! so I should learn to manage my time to do the reports earlier! T_T

Oh... it's good time for me to watch Olympics! hoho... long time didn't watch tv =.="
Too many things I wish to do, including clearing the space of my laptop hardisk!
Hope I won't waste my time on merely sleeping/watching tv/playing around.... I must finish the tasks as a student!
Also, I will try to post the events/activities happened during the busy-like-hell life in the past 1.5 months! Either in story form or summary form hehe... or maybe just a photo xp


Blogger ..趴地熊.. said...

then hv a good rest n enjoy urself!
see u!=)

August 19, 2008 2:04 am  

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