Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tekun & New Roommate ^^

again.... long time didn't update!

I'm handling too many things recently, and will not be free until mid August I guess, or maybe the whole semester @@
Wish to update more things, some events happened in the past few weeks but it's hard to tell out here in a short post....

So here am I to update about my hostel and roommate. Supposed now I stay at the same hostel room which I stayed during last two semesters, however I've had exchanged with a girl to the far far away hostel, R.S.T. and mine is Tekun, 8th floor! Many people had asked me the reason for moving to this far far away hostel, instead of continue staying at Cahaya Gemilang (C.G.), the hostel located at strategic place, in the center of campus.

Well, firstly I have to clear your doubt that I still like the room I had stayed for the past semesters. It was so nice, cool, comfortable, clean, new, with good connection to wireless etc. Everything was okay for me, except the surrounding was too silent =p

Personally felt that it was too quiet for me loving to talk and to mix with people. I had less friends to meet there, as the number of residents are far more less than the one of R.S.T...
Whenever I joined activities till 11pm or later, I will need to walk alone back to C.G. which is quite near while almost all the others will go back together in big gang by walking too.. to the far far away R.S.T.
Also, the meal selection at R.S.T area is more than the one you can find in C.G.! Although the food sold in C.G. is of cheap price, I don't have the appetite to eat the same food everyday.
Since C.G. is in campus, it's hard to have chance going out at night for yumcha etc...

I failed to get access to internet last week, the first week staying at Tekun. Firstly because the version of Windows I was using was not compatible, couldn't support... then after I reinstalled the Windows, I still couldn't get online in my room. Luckily now I can get the access to internet at my room, hohoho! It was suffering without internet xp

Oh... I miss my ex-roommate! I had finally had a dinner with her last Sunday hehe, she is also staying at R.S.T., but no longer my roommate =.="
Anyhow, I'm again lucky to get a new nice roommate, Zhang Jing. She comes from China! and she's quite pretty oh.... hehe.... I'm happy that we can get along well~


Blogger sunbliss said...

wow, u got a china roomate...
so u must learn beijing slang from her k...hehe

July 20, 2008 1:05 am  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

haha.. judge my mandarin speaking then when i back to kl :P

July 20, 2008 1:37 am  
Blogger ..趴地熊.. said...

nice blog here! =)
nex time gonna chat with u with beijing slang but not "malaysia" liao! =p

July 20, 2008 11:02 am  

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