Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had organised a gathering at 8.30pm yesterday to meet my old friends before "back" to Penang this coming Sunday. I had invited more than 1o people... and more than 5 people agreed to come. At the end, there were only 4 of us -- Hoon, Jin, Wei Jie and me.

Someone agreed to join, and even to fetch me. However, this expert "pilot" who told me would depart at 8pm, sms-ed me telling me she couldn't come at 8.13pm. So at the end, I had to be the driver again...
This was not her first time doing such thing to me and my friends... Her promises will never earn any trust from me anymore.

Before I invited my friends, I had already told myself not to expect the number of people going to attend. I just want to at least tried to organise a gathering, to meet some old classmates and friends once in a few months. Seems like it was me being over-excited... well, very less people would appreciate these invitations.




I didn't watch any movie at cinema this holiday... but actually I had a chance today, I didn't grab that chance anyway...
I went yumcha 4 times so far... The 3rd time, thx to CKY for your invitation and be my driver!
I did two jobs this holiday... well, really glad to know more people and gained some pocket money and lots of experience, and had a great time, far better than staying at home only.
I have had spent more time with my family -- my mum, my dad, my two younger brothers.... love you all very much... you all are the best...

Today I went to Times Square, Sg Wang and Lowyat Plaza for the 2nd time in this holiday.
First time was going with USM friends and had a great Karaoke session with them, and bought myself a camera, yea... USM friends!
This second time went to the same area, did shopping with two of my best buddies -- Jin and Ching. This was the only day in this holiday we went out together, for shopping and girls' talk. Thanks...!
The plan for this Saturday is...? ON or cancelled again? well... many unknowns again...



Blogger MyJourney said...

Dear Yling,am so sorry of cant join d gathering,really x know u held it on tat nite,i tot it hv been cancelled...anyway i always believe tat frenship wont be "distorted" by time n distance as well,let see things in bright side^^dun worry,u will always in my mind,do keep in touch wif me ya~wish u all the best-MJ

June 19, 2008 11:43 pm  
Blogger sunbliss said...




June 21, 2008 1:37 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

hey MJ, my name is Yee Leng la.. u always spelt it wrongly! haha
it's not ur fault la.. just kena bomb by u lolz

thanks lian chee, i heard u said before....
I know... it's very 吃力不讨好
ya... I always be the organiser, if I din ask them out, nobody would ask me out de... and then 24 hours i could juz stay in home only..
very funny but it's fact lolz... well, sudah biasa la...
so actually i'm okay la.. just write write

ok ah.. nxt time i back we go out together ba haha ^^
thanks for ur advice anyway!~

June 21, 2008 7:35 pm  

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