Tuesday, August 19, 2008

MAHA 2008

Sunday 17th August 2008

A nice Sunday... hehe... because I had a nice sleep at home~

At first my dad wanted to take a look at the MATTA fair but changed his mind, instead he brought us to an exhibition -- Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism Show (MAHA 2008) at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS).

Official site--->

At first we didn't know the exact location of the MAEPS, although we had done some searching online, viewing the map given in the website... well, Again, this kind of map is provided only for those who already known well the places around that area! Anyway, at last we still managed to reach the destination with correct intuition hoho...

It's a very hot afternoon. You could see "people mountain people sea" there.. haha... really big crowds of people, besides that, of course with heavy traffic... many cars!
Daddy parked the car far from the exhibition halls. So we had to walk far..... wow... sweated lot... luckily I brought my umbrella (the must-bring item for living at USM)...

Other than the exhibitions located in the exhibition halls, there was also Bazaar... selling plants, foods, beverages, miscellaneous things... The very first thing we bought was this sea coconuts drink... oh, well, this was my first time looking at the real fruits.... haha...

the 3 guys... are my younger brother, daddy and youngest brother =p
mummy was walking beside me...

wow... variety of plants etc to be seen!

even we have this: World's smallest Chicken?! Ayam Serama?

varieties of plants as well.... nice to look at them!
well.. and of course they had occupied much of my memory card too lolz

different species of orchids!!!!!!
What is this? Stevia.... a kind of useful plant, may be used as an alternative as sugar, without calories? well, my family is currently using these leaves in cooking some of the desserts etc...

There were many booths selling the kits for planting mushrooms.. even providing VCDs, courses!
my mum took this photo for me hehe!

It's really tiring if we wanted to walk through the whole exhibition! There were few exhibition halls..... I guess we had missed out one or two... At the end, in rush we left, with many bags of goodies etc...

Our next destination was Sunway Pyramid, to have our dinner.... by the time we reached there, it was already about 8.30pm! because we wasted much time on traffic jam within the exhibition parking area. Again, since I'm back for holiday, we went for buffet dinner, as a simple birthday celebration for my younger brother, Yu... which was still very early lolz... it's on 21st September anyway... hahaha...

I guess we won't go to the same restaurant -- Hertz next time, because the price is again increased, now is about RM2o per pax now, in addition the food selection was limited, and the foods were not that delicious anymore.

Too bad to say that I didn't manage to rush back home to watch the final badminton match between Chong Wei and Lin Dan that night! By listening to the radio on the way back home, I'd got to know that Malaysia had lost to China badly....

aiks, anyway, congratulation to Chong Wei, our hero for still winning a Silver medal for himself and Malaysia.

oh ya, if you want to visit this exhibition, for your information:
Day : 11 - 23th August 2008
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue: Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang


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