Saturday, June 28, 2008

Penang Hill trip

23rd June 2008, Monday

After a night stay at my senior's house, I suggested my parents to pay a visit to Penang Hill (Bukit Bendera). We had a breakfast before going there together.
Possessing a car here is so convenient! but the petrol bill to pay is so suffering =.=".
Anyhow, possessing a digital camera is very nice too, with two long-lasting Li-ion batteries, kekeke~!

This was not my first time to ride on this cable car... also not for my parents. My first ride was at the end of year 2005 (you may refer to the label "
Penang Trip 05" at the left bar in my blog), but theirs should be quite long time ago.

The view of Penang from the top of the Penang Hill.

This is another view, after zooming...
you can even see the Penang bridge quite clearly!

My parents... with the words of "Bukit Bendera" as the proof that we went there lolz....

hey see this.... is it a squirrel? it's cute and special! haha... my daddy found it....

Nice flower -- Bird of Paradise flower...天堂鸟

My daddy suggested to walk the 2km long path to reach the Canopy Walk (the bridge)... my mum was quite relunctant to do so but we still had to follow haha.... it was not sunny day the whole time, luckily we did bring two umbrellas! On the way, my mum was quite happy to see varieties of plants as she is a plant lover!

me with the
Hydrangea 绣球花 ....
pretty huh... nolah, I mean the flower, not me lah...

with lots of white Bougainvillea flower... nice view!

Finally, after walking such a distance, we reached our destination -- Penang Hill Forest Reserve Canopy Walkway (Titian Silara Bukit Bendera). Each adult ticket cost RM5.


The width of the bridge only allowed one person to pass, and the distance between two persons on the bridge should be at least 3 meters.
This canopy walkway was quite dangerous lolz... every support relied on the big old tree actually as the ropes etc were tied on those plants.

Unfortunately, it was raining while 3 of us were walking on the walkway. Although we brought the umbrellas, it's quite impossible to use them...
Of course, we finished the "journey" safely haha... it's not that dangerous lah...

Then, it's time to walk the 2km-long distance back to the cable-car station. After that, we went to Air Itam to have our lunch -- asam laksa. Well, don't ask me which stall is the best because I myself don't know =.="

Next, it's sad time to say goodbye to my parents... they were heading back to KL after leaving me back to my senior's house nearby USM.
Sad but at least the short trip is a good memory to me.... although it's without two of my dear younger brothers.


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