Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No More Toothache~

Happy April Fool~!
Happy to have chance to cheat / make fun of your friends? You may need to learn from
Kenny Sia haha
Anyway, always this day doesn't bring any meaning to me myself..

Today morning was busy with dealing paperworks with society advisor (sensei) and authorities etc...
Next, I went to Dental Clinic for teeth checkup, as I had appointment with a dentist last week.
Last week I purposely went to the USM clinic (just very nearby to my hostel) to check out what's the problem with my tooth, I had toothache for few weeks already actually.... so that experienced Doctor Lee helped me to paste something (if I'm not mistaken, it's Fugitive..?) on that particular tooth which had its enamel erroded ... it was not a filling process I guess..
Anyway, during most of the visits to dental clinic, the dentist/nurse would ask me one popular question -- you like to eat Asam (sour plum) a lot is it? =.="
She kept on reminding me not to eat so much of Asam, acidic food, carbonated drinks etc... haha... she's really a good responsible dentist =p
She also reminded me to see her again for checkup... that's why I made an appointment to see her today........

However, I thought it was just an ordinary checkup...
After a short teeth checkup, she asked me, I will help you to get rid some black things (I forgot what she actually said though, but she meant those decay parts I guess...), and do some filling.... is it okay?
O.o..... she didn't tell me she wanna do these on me last week! lolz...
Well, there goes my 2nd time of teeth filling.... painful =="

By the way, I'm really lucky and grateful to meet such a nice dentist in USM hoho...
=.= haiz.... no mood to study.... tomorrow morning still have a meeting to attend!


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