Friday, March 21, 2008


16.3.08 Sunday

Woke up at 7+am, took the early "cold shower", and walked to DTSP for attending the rehearsal for the event of the day -- Wen Yu Guan Mo 文娱观摩。。。。 organised by Tiong Hua Society

We had already run the rehearsal twice -- on previous Tuesday and Saturday (the day before). And then there goes another two times of rehearsals before the real event was held -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon with full dressing.

Next, everyone would be given little time to rest and eat, and make up etc....Some seniors who were also audiences helped us (from Choir group) on make up and hair setting!

The real one started at 7.30pm. This time, the DTSP hall was not fully occupied.... The event consisted of several singing, dancing and dramas!
The songs presented on this day were all new songs composed by members of choir group or from some individuals ....

In a nutshell, those were all new creations, and had not been heard before. The performance I joined was a big group singing titled "Our Song" 我们的歌.

our group singing... 《我们的歌》

Our group had practised many times... although it might not be considered as an up-to-standard performance, we had tried our best to cooperate well with each other.... we should practise more harder, but since everyone of us was too busy with assignments etc.. from different courses, it's kinda hard to find suitable common free time to practise even more..
and I think we did have lots of improvements from practises to practises..
Thanks to our team for doing at least not too bad.. happy to sing together with you all~!
Wanna congratulate all of the performers that night, at least we had successfully performed what we wanted to give to beloved audiences.

choir group rocks!

nice? with Plum blossom behind us.. 我,寅杰,贝珊

the stage background... nice!

Yun Jun, Xiao Qiao, Ru Yan, Me...

After the event ended, few of us celebrated Yun Jun's 22nd birthday outside DTSP. Then, together we went to "Istimewa" for having supper, without getting rid the thick make up on our faces lol...
Guys aren't really suitable to put on make up! wakaka... very scary neh!

Although some people commented the stage background was too complicated, it's very nice however... congratz to the designer group...
Many errors, either technical or anything... did occur...

Let us perform even more better next time, okay! Learn from mistakes!

Yoyoyo, 理华,加油!歌咏组,加油!


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