Saturday, March 22, 2008

Last Week of 2nd Semester o.O

Just had my 2nd biochemistry test yesterday.... although was not able to finish studying, I think I did quite okay..

There will be another Japanese Language Listening test on this coming Monday, then the 2nd Genetics test on Wednesday. On Wednesday too I will have Role Play for Japanese Language coursework too... my group had written the drama script but have not practised at all! opss...
The very last test for this semester is Genetics Lab test, on Friday....
Many tests huh? I wonder why I have so many tests for this 2nd semester!

This coming Friday is the very last day of my 1st year, 2nd semester!
The time is really running fast lah wei... felt like this semester is really really short! @@

My final exam will start on 7th - 21st April... for the subjects I've registered... while most of my friends at other Universities will only start their final exam by the time USM's final exam period ends! So I may not be going home so soon right after exam because no people would be free to hang out with me.... I know I still have family missing me though hehe...
hmm... so there is a week of study week before the final exam starts.. hope I will fully use the time to study to get good result, at least must be better than last semester er..... it's important because I need a good result to compete with coursemates to get the major chosen....

Seems like I haven't made a summary of the courses I'm taking for this 2nd semester...
I am taking 8 subjects:

1. Cellular Biochemistry
2. Genetics
3. Cellular Biochemistry & Genetics Practical [no final exam]
4. Inorganic Chemistry
5. Japanese level 100 (beginner level)
6. Islamic and Asian Civilisations (TITAS!)
7. Finance and Accounting

(core papers are 1-4)
(5 is option paper)
(6 is must-take University course)
(7 is one of the paper of Minor Management)
meaning that I will sit for 6 papers in the final exam...... =.="


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