Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy :)

I had bought a new sim card few days ago, by purposely going to Perangin Mall by bus.
I am always a DiGi user, and I guess I won't change the number as there are too many contact persons to inform if I wanna do so.

Recently, I'd heard about "Happy" , which provides very good deals~!

Maximum RM0.99 per call [but the maximum call duration is only up to 45 minutes]
Only RM0.01 per second up to 99 seconds
Only RM0.10 per SMS to anyone
60 days validity with any reload

This afternoon, I called my best friend who is a 017 user, and we had chatted 45+15 minutes totally. Right after reaching 45 minutes, the conversation would be cut off automatically and RM0.99 was charged; then since I had not finished talking, I called her again and only chatted for another 15 minutes, of course it also charged me RM0.99.
so, a total of 60 minutes chatted, RM1.98 charged, average was 3.3 sen per minute oh!!!!

If I use my 016 to call, it would charge me RM0.48 per minute.... or sometimes RM0.36 per minute if I have used more than RM30 in that particular month @@"
Last time, I tried calling my best friend to chat, for about 20 minutes, used up RM7 +....

ahaha... so, although I have this new 014- prefix Happy number, I will still continue using my 016-prefix DiGi number, Fuyoh package as my main number. I will only occasionally change to 014 when I wanna make a long chat call to my best friends or my family members, wakaka...

another best way to save money!
*in fact this Happy company is also related to DiGi company...
*Free Promoting for their companies here, I'm just sharing what benefits I get, I get no commission for this post okay~!


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