Sunday, March 02, 2008

International Cultural Fiesta

29.2.08 Friday

wow.. once in four years, we have 29th day in February this year 2008. This day is special for those who born on 29th huh..

I had attended the rehearsal for International Cultural Fiesta at Dewan Budaya USM that night. Our yosakoi team from Japanese Language Society had practised the whole week oh....
Right after we finished dancing, Ming and I left first as we had the next event to attend haiz....

At about 10pm, we attended the Annual General Meeting of Tiong Hua Society. I was quite regret that I didn't go back hostel for taking bath before coming.... because the meeting lasted till 4++am @@"
Everyone was so tired, this meeting lasted such a long time because this society is a big society, consists of many components.... and if less than 93 members (if not mistaken), the meeting couldn't be held!

When I reached my hostel, it's already almost 4.45am. Although my body was kinda smelly and sweaty as I had dancing practise before.... I went to sleep without taking bath but only did some simple cleaning... yuck, dirty huh.....

1.3.08 Saturday

Woke up at 11.30am..... did my biochemistry lab report....
Went to Min Huey's room for asking "help" on make up! haha...
Her roommate Thiam Hui knows how to make up better than me, and I didn't have everything needed, so she helped me, also treated me as "white mouse" lol...
Everything was okay.... but my face look very "white".... I guess the colour of foundation applied was not that suitable for my skin. Anyway, thanks very much to her effort =)

Dinner was provided, even the dinner for rehearsal was prepared for us the day before too. After having dinner, we put on our Yosakoi Dancing costume. There were a total of 12 of us..... only 2 guys anyway... lol, guys are really a rare species in USM.

what had made us become so "shocked" syok~ haha...
scary make up? =.="

Mei Chen, Ming and I were the only first year students, and 3 of us are biology students~

The event started at about 9pm. First we needed to sing Negaraku, then Menara Ilmu (USM song). There were first Opening Performances, followed by Thailand's Kinnaree, then Iraq's Chobi, Malaysia's Tarian Sewang.... the performance before ours was Indonesia's Samman, and then ours was Japanese's Yosakoi dancing, which is energetic~! haha...
We were quite nervous, and... we did some little mistakes.... but luckily overall was a success wakaka.... hard practises paid off!

After our Yosakoi, there were Iran's Kabutar, China's Kung Fu, India's Table and then ended with closing performance. Every performer went up the stage and danced with all together.... hehe.... it was really fun! The performers were not solely come from Malaysia but also from other countries! After the "mix" dances, everyone was busy with taking photographs.... either among the performers or the audiences with performers~

hey, there's a Handsome guy! He's David from Sweden! and he was one of the performers of Indonesia's Samman.
Lucky ~ hahahaha

4 of us are Pure Biology first year students!

Next, all the performers were invited to have some light supper at Dewan Banquet. USM Vice Chancellor was there too. All the performers kept busy taking photographs in big groups after eating ... haha.. since every group was wearing different special costume! After eating, before "transforming" back to a "normal person", we were so crazily posing and taking photographs again!

4 of us acted as "children" in the Yosakoi dancing performance. These masks were used too... other than "naruko" in the dance.

the 12 members .... crazy gang hehe

Yosakoi~ the things in our hands were Naruko

Still got a lot of photos I have to take from others haha... these all were taken by my camera....
It was a wonderful night to remember =D
my first dancing performance.....too bad no other friends came to support..........


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