Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anime Night

12.3.08 Wednesday

After busy for more than one weeks promoting the Anime Week, with 5 movie showing and the very last event was Anime Night.

Afterall, it's not a big event and with limited human resources, we had made it a success at least....

The highlight activity of that night would be the energetic dancing by Japanese teenagers! 99% of the dancers were Japanese girls! They were really kawaii and pretty oh!
Other than teenagers, there were small japanese kids performing dances too....

Pei Khun, Me and the young pretty Japanese performers!

Another attraction of the night was Cosplay... however, I thought it's kinda boring if compared to the dancing.

There were not many programmes for that night, and it ended early. People including me myself took the chance to take photographs with those cosplayers who wore special costumes.....

can you recognise the character played by this cosplayer?

ah... they are not Japanese girls actually lol..

When the event ended, it was time for us to clean up the venue....
then, whole bunch of us walked to Pelita to have supper~
Yo... finally the whole "project" ended. there reduced my burden...
Thanks everyone including myself for spending the time to work it out together!


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