Monday, April 07, 2008

Final Exam argh...

Today was my first day of 2nd semester Final Exam....

Had sat for the Inorganic Chemistry paper.... for 3 hours.. in the morning... and it was super cold inside the exam hall...
Was not able to finish answering in time... haiz... hard... badly done... Chemistry is really a BIG no to me... too confusing sometimes @@"

Anyway, forget about it.. hope for at least pass.... (pass only oh? cham la.)
Hope it won't pull down my overall CGPA!
By the way, before the exam started, I received two birthday presents! hehehe... so happy!
Like to receive small gifts ... wakaka....
Shi Yen gave me a pair earrings and Swee Cheng gave me that cute little bear!

がんばって Ganbatte, my fellow friends in the exams! 加油!


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