Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Mei, End of CNY

Getting very busy lately.... and now is already 14th day of CNY, tomorrow going to be the very last day -- Chap Goh Mei (another Valentine's Day =.=;). Let me update blog about last week's in brief....

As mentioned, I came (back) to Penang on the 4th day of CNY, 1oth Feb (Sunday). It was my dearest Dad and Mum who sent me here! Love them muacks! My younger brothers didn't follow along as they needed to go schooling the next day.

The journey took us almost 7 hours instead of usual 5 hours! It was because of traffic jam caused by the large amount of cars on the road. In fact, the direction from KL to Penang had far more less cars if compared to the number for the direction from Penang to KL! The queue of cars was as long as 10km for some places! As usual, it was because people flooding back to KL for working the next day after the break of CNY spent at hometown.

After reached Penang, we headed to my hostel in USM first. I put my things in my room and my mum following me. It was her first time to visit USM and my hostel room.I didn't stay at hostel that night but went along with my parents to stay overnight at
YMCA hostel (yup, it's not hotel).
This hostel was far more better than the "motel" we stayed last time, it was quite clean and bright lighted, it's only RM75 per night per room for 2 single beds.

I didn't sleep much that night actually as I was busy rushing my lab report to be passed up the next day. Stupid me, brought all the homeworks and books home but didn't do and study them....

After having breakfast the next day, they sent me back to USM...
The feeling was terrible, to watch my parents leaving me alone here...weird to say like this, like I'm still a little girl wanting to stick to my parents all the time. Since the day back to study, CNY mood faded away.

Busy with tests, assignments, lab reports, activities.... getting busy should be a good thing for me, so I wouldn't have any free time to think so much... and I should really pay more attention on my study, results are going down the slope... time management again a main issue


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