Thursday, February 21, 2008


17.02.08 Sunday

Woke up early in the morning, about 6.30am.... we had an important mission....

WE = 理大华文学会升学辅导组, USM Tiong Hua Society's Education Counselling Group, were going to 韩江小学 to run the 校园路线, one-day camp for form 4 & form 5 students from different high schools. The main purpose we did it was to provide informations on choices available to pursue study after SPM, and besides that, we could share our own experience to these juniors and give correct informations.

My job was to be the facilitator, hehe... it's fun to be a faci since we could interact with those juniors (just like what I enjoyed to be a faci during the orientation organised for my form 6 juniors)...

Overall, it was a success... everything was running smooth.. and I could feel that majority of the students were quite enjoying themselves to play games and dance...after listening to talks given regarding the options after form 5 such as form 6, matriculation, A levels, colleges etc...

Congratulations to all of the committee members, all of us had tried our best! hehe... the satisfaction obtained after every event being organised successfully is a great pay for me. Although it was tiring to organise & to run, you would feel those were nothing once the event ended!
It's fun and happy for having the ability to help people...

the guys in blue shirts and I were the committee members
the girls standing at my right were Shu Jun, Pei Ling, Hui Xian
the girl standing behind me was Mei Xian
the guy in white shirt standing at my left was Wan Cheng
5 of them were led by me and Zhen Ning (the guy between Wan Cheng and me)

the big group photo... I was not inside as I was the camera-girl... lol

Wish the juniors can find out what they want after they graduated from form 5. Don't be blur like I was/(am)....

My coursemates and I had attended a talk given by few lecturers regarding the majors we can choose to apply at the end of this semester. The choices available for me are Microbiology, Zoology and Botany.
I have not yet decided which to choose.. most probably would be microbiology.................
I was busy that day as I was rushing with few other friends to attend the full rehearsal for 校园路线 on that day (Saturday), one day before the real event to be run.


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