Thursday, February 14, 2008

Reference for Applying University 科系积分

Something to share here...
As most of the STPMers know, we (chinese students) need a guide on how to apply for University entrance.... such as the required CGPA to apply a certain course of a certain University, so that we wouldn't fill in the application form blindly.

QuanSheng members from each local University respectively had given out the survey form to the fresh undergraduate students after orientation. Then the data collected will be processed and being put on the website (全升论坛).

The newest data is already out, it's of 2007/2008... the year which I applied... so I myself also referred back to these and found out, most of my choices were okay, not out of the range... just about two or three out...

However, this data is always just as a REFERENCE; something must be aware of -- the maximum CGPA, minimum CGPA and MOD. We must always refer to the Maximum's, and MOD especially, but don't take seriously on the Minimum's.

For example, Veterinary of UPM (was my 1st choice) .. the maximum cgpa was 4.00, mod was 3.83 and minimum was 3.33. For my case, my cgpa was only 3.25, I knew it was nearly impossible for me to get this choice, yet I was just trying my luck... For the case of 3.33, I think he/she must be the student appealed and entered as 2nd batch student.

Again, this Survey done can just be treated as Reference, everything depends on the results overall, the number of students applying the certain course, the number of students to be accepted for certain course, the certain criteria... etc... everything is a variable, so, it's just a Reference!
All above are just my Personal opinions, for Reference ONLY.


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