Thursday, February 14, 2008

CJ7 so cute oh!

I've watched this movie 长江七号 CJ7 (the name given to that Alien Dog) this afternoon (valentine's day) alone in my room after finished my Inorganic Chemistry assignment.

This movie was directed by Steven Chow 周星驰, who was also one of the actor, as the main character's father. The kid in the photo below was the main character with the CJ7 Alien "dog".

It's kinda hard to guess that he is actually a she! ya, I mean she is a girl!
That virtual alien dog is so cute! I think people will be crazy to buy this doll once available in the market..... I like it too~! hehe...

The style of this movie is quite/very much different from the one Steven Chow acted/directed before... it's still a comedy by the way....
I had cried few times while watching this.... it's not that sad, but I am always being sentimental... I'd even cried before the boy (girl) cried..
However, I found this movie to be too short in time.... not even reached 1.5 hours... not bad overall...



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