Monday, February 04, 2008

Pesta Tahun Baru Cina

31st January 2008, Thursday

The night before, my roommate, her friend and I had stayed overnight at my friends' house at Desa U apartment. They are friends/seniors knew from Japanese Language Society.

Every Thursday I have to attend the earliest class at 8am. As usual, after that I went back to my hostel and rushed my Japanese Scrapbook which due date was that day itself =.="
After few hours hard work, I still failed to hand in the work in time, but I think it should be okay because my sensei didn't mention we must hand in by 5pm.

I was late to swimming lesson too... it was my 3rd swimming lesson.. however I still couldn't swim with breaststroke style yet... I'm indeed slow in picking up these skills... (I learnt to cycle later than my younger brother... both my brothers can swim actually...).
Next, I rushed back to take bath and went to join Pesta Tahun Baru Cina at DTSP.

The Pesta CNY 《迎新春·賀鼠年》was held successfully.
The interesting performances were: lion dance, war drum, 24 season drums, Art of Face Changing.... there were lucky draw sessions too...

The main attraction was the Art of Face Changing by Zhang Xiao En 张小恩, a pretty young girl, only 19 years old! She's the first ever female in Malaysia who knows this! Her father is Zhang Shao Lin 张少林, a famous "entertainer" in Malaysia ... both of them were the main characters of the night..........

Other than face changing, they also know to play magic....
Below is the video -- Art of Face Changing:

Amazing! How did they do that huh?.... How could "she" fly in the air?
There must be some tricks....

Overall, the worst thing about the Pesta -- a lot of technical problems...

They must be not well-prepared... but as I know, it was a rush for them to organise the event ...
Without the interesting performance, without the "two Main Characters", I guess it would be a failure compared to Kung Fu Night. The day of the event was not suitable too as part of the students had already gone back to hometown.

Anyhow, congratulations to all the Committee members for their hard work.

The thread of Cari forum also discussing about this event:

After the event, we all walked back to my seniors' apartment with the seniors in a big gang.... haha... this was the 2nd day of staying overnight at their house. It was very comfortable and warm... Thanks for giving us a temporary home =)


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