Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orang Minyak?

Recently there's lot of rumours about Orang Minyak in USM...
it has caused so much of inconvenience, everyone has become terrified, panic, worried etc...... especially girls...
Not only girls, some guys also worried for us.... and kept on advising us to leave our hostel etc.... people are getting more united though....
Is this a true incident? I don't know... everything I know is what I heard from others, and most of the people also heard from the others... so, which version is the correct one? which is the true one? which source can be trusted?

I may elaborate or tell more later.. now busy with works... and better wait some more time when I'm back to my home ~.~

I miss the peaceful USM.... haiz...

Newspiece from Guang Ming:

Articles from some USM students:

added resource on 2.2.08:


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