Friday, January 11, 2008

Crazy Rush

I'm getting crazy .. I didn't sleep at all yesterday night! =.=''
The total sleeping hours since I woke up at 1pm yesterday afternoon till now (11.1.08 - 7pm) is only approximately 2 hours.... OMG huh... and I'm going for Japanese dancing (odori) practise later....!

I was rushing 3 assignments (their due date was today) yesterday, if it was not a public holiday.... I guess I wouldn't able to finish them ....
One was Inorganic Chemistry online assignment which took me about two hours to finish as I kept on searching answers from the very-thick text book
Another was also Inorganic assignment (by handwriting, calculations) which took me about 4 or more hours!
Next, the last one I did was Biochemistry group assignment.... I had to finalise and edit the whole thing... until 8.30am today only I was able to finish everything.... (yup, I am really slow in doing works! sigh...I'd wasted some time by lazy-ing around..)...

I'd even skipped my inorganic lectures this morning so that I could sleep for 1 and a half hour... then rushed to print out the Biochem assignment to be passed up...
Torturing myself aih... another case of last minute work..

At the night of 9th January 08, I followed my roommate along to Fajar Hostel to celebrate Ban Loong's 21st Birthday.... he's my roommate's friend + ex-classmates who is currently a physics student.
haha... the cake specially ordered for him was very nice and delicious, it's peppermint flavour! We all had been watching the cake for few minutes while 'countdown' to 12am lolz....
Hope that he was 'satisfied' and happy with the things we (ah... I didn't help anything actually lol) had prepared!

cheese~~ we took this by setting self-timer oh....
There are us from School of Biological Science; Housing, Building & Planning (HBP); School of Management; Pharmacy School; and majority are from School of Physics


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