Saturday, February 02, 2008

Back to Home

yo.... finally I'm back to KL after having such a terrifying week at USM. I arrived at KL KTM station at 5.45pm (Friday) by Plusliner express bus. Thanks to my dearest daddy for waiting me there for more than half hour hehe... (only daughter has such priority oh!)
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, yet I have so many works to be done, lab reports, assignments, and study for tests after CNY few-day holiday.

Talk about the hottest issue at USM -- Orang Minyak a.k.a. Oily Man
The rumours started last last Friday 25.1.08(it was the date I heard the news) (or earlier?), my roommate told me what she heard from others saying there's such a Man in our campus, who would rape virgin girls to upgrade his black magic power.

At first, I didn't take it seriously.... few days later, the rumours spread fast, almost everyone knew about it, and every girl (maybe not every) started to be panic, and many had moved out from hostel to friend's house outside the campus.
How about me... I was affected by those rumours too.. however, my roommate and I didn't move out until last Wednesday. If not because there would be less people staying in hostel by that time as people started going home, we wouldn't want to trouble friends by staying at their house on Wednesday and Thursday.

During the days before we moved out, my roommate and I tried everything that people said could prevent the Oily Man to harm us... such as wear clothes inside- out, lean 2 brooms and make a "X" against the door, and we even put salts along the door inside the room .....
We just tried whatever possible.... didn't care they are useful or not... and yeah.. it sounds so not logical at all...

Am I a scientific person? hey... I have been studying science for years...
I don't 100% believe that there's such a man who can across the wall, but you can't deny the power of rumours, and as a Girl, surely I felt unsecured; like people always say, "better safe than sorry"!
If I'm a guy, I guess I won't be that panic and nervous...

Other than taking those special prevention steps, I also did some practical and logical ones: didn't go to toilet after 1am, allocated my bed behind the door so that the door wouldn't be opened even if the Man could use special skill to unlock the door (if we become unconscious..)

Actually at the last few days before going home, the rumours of raping cases had become less... maybe everyone had got tired of spreading them.... according to the rumours, the hostel where more cases happened was at the hostel I stay -- CG. Everything was fine at my block during my stay there.... nothing bad happened as far as I know..

In fact, now I felt... those are totally.... fake news..... still I may get scared again after returning to my hostel after CNY break.... sigh.....
Why people wanted to start spreading those... was it because there were true cases happened? or was it because for other purposes?
Who should we trust? USM authorities saying there's nothing happened at all Or the people spreading rumours? It does sound funny because we as undergraduate students still believe such thing! Even my dad and mum also laughed at me for being so scared.... but they would want me to be careful always because real Human are more scary....

Hope everything will be fine after we all back to our dear USM main campus!


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