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Program Angkasawan Negara @ USM

Angkasawan Negara Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al-Masrie akan menemui pelajar-pelajar Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) dalam satu satu program khas Menyelami Keindahan Angkasa pada hari Sabtu, 5 Januari 2008, mulai jam 8.45 pagi di Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra USM.
Beliau akan berkongsi pengalaman melalui forum khas bersama Prof. Dato’ Dzulkifli bin Abdul Razak, Naib Canselor USM di samping kemudiannya beramah mesra dengan pelajar.
Program ini dianjurkan oleh Majlis Penghuni Desasiswa Indah Kembara USM.

This Saturday morning (just now), I went to DTSP there for this "forum khas" to see our Angkasawan Negara, Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al-Masrie. Since he was invited to USM, my friends and I took the chance given.

The whole big hall DTSP was almost fully occupied, not only USM students attended but also students from secondary schools, some teachers and lecturers etc... even some children..

wow... many of the m.females had become so crazy when they saw him! He's too attractive huh.... but can't deny that he's handsome!
Our USM Vice Chancellor attended too, he was sitting beside Dr. Sheikh.
Dr. Sheikh had shared his experiences like the process of undergoing training, the moments he was in the space, what he had done there etc...
He also stressed few times that he was not going up there as a space tourist but as an astronaut...

His details:
His blog:

During the Q&A session, many kinds of questions were asked and answered by him clearly, I must say that what he said was very firm and it was clear to be heard.

Besides questions, there was even a USM female student telling out she loves him! ahaha.. so brave huh...

One point where he said, he should use English in speaking too although he would mix with Malay language (rojak lolz... Malaysian style?), yeah, should use English!
He's actually a doctor, an orthopedic surgeon! wow... and according to him, he doesn't only involve in one field but would like to try out more things, to see how far he can go...

After telling by him, we knew that his younger brother who had passed away recently was our USM alumni, a student from the School of Housing, Building and Planning..

In fact, different people judge things from different angles...
Although I do agree the fact that the money spent for sending a Malaysian astronaut to the space was too much, and it was not done by using own technology but others (i.e. Russian's), many would said it was a waste, the money should be spent more wisely for some other developments..
However, there was still at least some benefits (but the bad ones are too much!), the young generations have been inspired to be astronaut, to explore the space etc.. it was an intiation step if we really want to get into this field... but too many more have to be done, which also mean much more money have to be invested too!

Hope that Malaysian can really send someone to the space one day in future by using own technology to make own rocket la.. (it may take many more years huh! Do we make car engines on our own now?!)

(hey, don't attack me... it's just my personal opinion, I'm not his fans by the way... I don't really support or condemn the act... sigh, I'm always like that, standing in the middle, don't know what is right or wrong loh....and I also don't know what I want...)

before the "forum khas" started...almost fully occupied..

could you see him in the screen? haha..too small@@

the photos were not that clear, because I sat at the 2nd last row in DTSP ..

below is the photo grabbed from USM website.... the middle one is our V.C., the right one is Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor


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