Saturday, January 12, 2008

The White Coffin

The White Coffin
long term use of Styrofoam increases the risk of getting cancer

"Styrene is a possible human carcinogen" - WHO International Agency for Research On Cancer

Is the image above scary or creative? Personally think it's indeed creative and meaningful which is able to carry out the important message, truth....

Since 1st January 08, USM has started its "USM going Green" campaign, and as one of the practical step, the use of "white coffin" (polystyrene containers) and also other non-reusable containers have been banned, with immediate effect.

Last week, I opted to take away the food back to my room, when I bought it.. yea... no longer "white coffin", instead it was an environment-friendly biodegradeble container, it's exactly the same shape with the "white coffin", but in brown colour (made of oil palm waste). However, we are required to pay a little more, 20 sen for this biodegradeble disposable container...

Prof Dzulkifli said the operators had agreed to absorb the cost, adding that the biodegradable containers cost about 20 sen each while styrofoam containers cost about three or four sen each. There would be no increase in food prices.
Although in this newspiece, our V.C. said that there would be no increase in food prices.... I guess it's really hard for the cafe operators to absorb the extra cost .....

another version:
If you do not bring your own reusable container, you will have to pay 20 sens for an environmentally-friendly disposable container. The container to be used by USM canteen operators are fully biodegradable and possess certification from SIRIM and U.S. FDA.

Hence, as a result.... the frequency of opting for take-away has been reduced for me, lolz.... neither I have a good reusable food container nor want to waste RM0.20 for buying the biodegradeble container which can be used only once....
wow... this helps to reduce rubbish huh... because I've tried not to 'take-away'! ^_^

Usually, I opt for take-away as I don't like to eat alone in the cafe....
However, seems like I'm getting used to live alone recently....

so.... whenever you use the polystyrene food containers, think of the White Coffin!


Blogger lingghezhi said...

If msia doesnt adopt it nationwide by 2010, call me.

I see a business opportunity. ;P

January 17, 2008 12:14 am  

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