Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Baking; Met with Friends

Woke up in the early morning yesterday (7am...not very early though), to.... do what? yea... like past years, I bake biscuits for CNY~
In fact, I didn't plan to bake some this year but since my grandma had already prepared the minced groundnut, I just follow her wish to make peanut cookies~
(it means she likes to eat the cookies I bake very much hehe... )

My best helper -- youngest brother was not around (went schooling), so I had to do all the things alone... but the maid (ya, maid...my aunt's maid) did help me little...
yummy.... come over my house to try hahaha...

In fact, I was having fever / high body temperature these few days.... I always get sick or sleepy easily whenever I'm back to KL.... weird ahm....
I still got a lot of works to do.... cham la... tomorrow is already the CNY Eve oh...

Yesterday night, I'd gathered many of my old best friends and yumcha at Chui Chui Shui. They were Goh & Huey, Jin, Khoo, May, Nee, Teng, Wei Jie, YingZhi.

The suddenly appeared: Kesavan (Khoo always bring him out together lolz), May's bf (yo, first time seeing him, but both of them just came for a while and kept themselves for each, ignoring us =.=), Kai Sien, Chen Peng.
Yap Hoon was busy so didn't come, while... Ching had not yet come back ... miss her!

Long time didn't see Khoo, he is a medical student at Indonesia currently, seems like he has no problem there too... but he has slimmed down 12kg! wow... so much of that huh... yet his look/appearance doesn't changed much... yo he will be a good doctor I believe....
Teng is now studying at UTAR... seems not bad too~
Weng Hong and May Jing were too busy shopping until became the "pilots of the day"..... didn't come at the end...

I was happy to meet with good-old-day friends.... and glad to know everyone is doing fine =)

below are some photos on the 31st Jan 08 at my hostel there... the cat is very cute! and it kept posing for me to take photo lol


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