Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Summary + Wishes

Summary of Year 2007:

- took lousy STPM result, first car accident happened on that day... luckily everything was okay..
- had some working experience -- operator + telemarketer @ ADT TYCO, primary school teacher...
- busy applying for local university entrance... and luckily too finally it was a success, and hence I'm in USM now, if not... I don't know what will I be doing now...
- driving skills improved although didn't really have many chances to drive recently
- got slimmer... but still not yet reached the stage to be called as thin, need to work harder on this..
- got to know many friends -- colleagues at working places + friends from USM, including the ones known during Orientation & coursemates & society members etc... really a lot you know!
- successfully past the first semester at USM without failing any subject, still I'm not satisfied with what I obtained... wanna know just ask me okay... 3.39
- been Perhentian Island and Redang finally! lolz...
- being more independent as living outside at hostel..
- able to bear with loneliness better than before... and always trying to balance myself by thinking more positively whenever I'm down...
- life without friends is hard, like I mentioned, I have many friends, but still feel very lonely... recently like being isolated by some friends? haiz..
- own a hubby (my laptop oh...) and also an external hardisk
- still unable to find my life target... what I wanna be? going to choose major soon...
- some answers I've seek for long time not yet known...

For Year 2008, I wish for/to:
- no pimples (seems like this is an impossible mission, I long for this every year..)
- be slimmer till being called as thin enough
- stay healthy (I'm having some health problems recently...)
- learn to swim! hehe...
- not to rely on friends that more, friends are not borned to entertain me...;to be more independent
(in fact I found that being more independent is not that good, because no people would need to worry you, as they think you're strong enough to handle everything... should I cry and break down always then? to draw attention lol... )
- find out what I really like... which major to choose? Microbiology, Zoology or Botany?
- get the dean list.. by getting better result..
- going to reach 21st years old in few months... hope it will be a happy day for me... although it's during study week, few days to final exam..
- control money spending... almost every sen I'm using now is from my own future money T_T (PTPTN!)
- find out the answers ...
- my family members all are healthy and happy, no argument..

kinda pity... I had my lunch and dinner today alone *sigh*...
I went to see doctor on this last day of Year 2007 and gonna eat antibiotic .... something like pimples grown.. and it's quite big in size o.O

Didn't go to anywhere for countdown... stay in room right after back from lecture hall at 9.30pm (yea.. again the same lecture as last week's..); while my roommate went out with her cousin and friend for countdown....
I have been busy replying sms & comments from friends at friendster (thanks for all the wishes ya!) and also blogging + chatting at msn..

okay.. again Happy New Year 2008!


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