Sunday, December 30, 2007


I brought the badminton racket last semester to USM but didn't use it at all. I hadn't played badminton for quite some time, about half year?
This semester, I have brought it here too.. and finally it was used yesterday..... haha...
I was asked by Kiki to play badminton at the badminton courts of USM nearby the swimming pool together with her coursemates from Applied Biology and one of my coursemate (we are considered as schoolmates, hehe.. as we are under school of biological science!).
First time entered the Sports Complex, ooh.. there were only 6 badminton courts! I guess that is why everyone of us failed to apply badminton as co-curriculum...

oh yea... I've registered myself to join "Klinik Renang" -- a swimming course specially teaching people who don't know to swim..., the fees was only RM30..for 8 times...2 hours per week..
Since some of my friends want to learn too, then I take this opportunity to learn swimming with them..
I think it's necessary for everyone to know swimming... it's an important and useful skill which is also a good sport to slim down! wakaka...

on 27th December 2007, Japanese Language Society had organised a Japanese Interaction Night to introduce and explain everything about our society to new members and those non-members...
Since I'm an old member, I had offered my help to do some chores etc...
this was the booklets made by members! very nice oh!
wearing Japanese Language Society T-shirts


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