Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My hi5 account was hacked !!!

My friend sms-ed me this afternoon telling me that my hi5 account might have been hacked! It's because he received a comment from me, the comment sounds like this:
Hi, I was just looking through my friends, you are hot!!! I would love to hang otu sometime. You can check my real profiel here. www . tinyprofiles . info / sweetthing88
*He/She should type correctly lah... wanna spam still spelt wrongly lolz...

okay, you may take a look at that website if you want, but take risk on your own. That FELLOW ... hacked my account and sent spams to all of the people in my friend list!
I rarely used this account actually... so, I have deleted this account right now but the comments sent are still there!!!! haiz... it's so irritating!
So... if you are one of the 'victim' who received that "comment", I don't know you're hot or what, just don't be misunderstanding about me.. I was not the one who sent it, you are pleased to delete that wuliao comment, sorry ya...

Officially announce, I am no longer using my hi5 account, and it's not really as friendly user as Friendster... hoping Friendster will keep its good work and don't upset me again..... T_T


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