Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eventful week

I had overslept last Wednesday and Thursday !!!
Supposed I had a discussion with my entrepreneurship course's group about the sales report at 10am, but I had only waken by that time!
Supposed I had to attend my Malay Language class at 8am.... you know, the time I woke up naturally was 10.20am! So... I had skipped the class for the second time already... last last week was also because of my overslept!

Weird.. I couldn't wake up on my own today too.. luckily my roommate did wake me up! Am I immuned to the alarm of my mobile phone? Oh NO! I need someone to morning call me ...

Last Tuesday was the MoonCake Festival, as I mentioned, I joined the celebration organised by TiongHua society, one of the big celebrations held in USM.
It was quite fun overall as we were grouped into few groups and played station games....

Just now (yesterday = Saturday), I was just done with my job as the working committee to be in charged of microphone arrangement during the Singing Competition held by USM TiongHua Society.
I joined this working committee voluntarily with the thought of learning something new. Before this, I was thinking this job would be easy... however, when it came to the rehearsal, then I realised that it is not an easy job!
We had 5 microphones, all with cables.... and were placed at the same corner of the stage.... we had to make sure the cables were long enough, besides ensuring the microphones were working well, passing the right microphone to the right people, handling the cables, communicating with emcees etc.... @@
With me doing this job were Pui Shan (贝珊)and Yu Mei (玉梅), overall, we did the job quite well, with full cooperations from them. There were almost no mistakes from us, except for some minor ones... so, I am indeed happy for that! and I had gained some new experience too ^^
The incomplete group photo... (the more complete ones are at others' camera)
3 of us are in the same group of working committee~ yeah.. finally everything ran smooth!
oh ya, besides working, we took part in performance too.. most of the committee members were required to sing together at the beginning of the show, it was 聆听世界.. quite a nice and happy song ~
By the way, I've got myself super exhausted right now... I drank about 1L of water only for the whole day and was standing almost whole day to standby...the event started at 7pm but we had rehearsal before that... and also the preparation since 10.30am.
Yesterday too, we had a simpler rehearsal session from 6pm to 12am...

*during rehearsal at the night before the real one, I met Sau Yee in the hall! I was thinking it was my illusion to see someone looks similar to her but it was really her... she was my secondary schoolmate, not very close to her though... haha...
she's currentlys studying at UUM actually, she came here to join some activity with her society members

In fact, I have a lot of works to rush now.... still I prefer to blog first lolz...
but haiz.... I'm having insufficient time to rush my works... help ah...


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