Saturday, October 06, 2007

1st semester Last Activities

27.9.07 Thursday

I went for the 1st semester last odori class on that day.... finally, most of us have already learnt two dances! Although... still can't dance with accurate steps etc... haha....
Still remember that I felt the dance so hard to learn!

yeah~ guess that we all will need to perform during events held next semester, okay, we can do it!! believe that... hoho

2.10.07 Tuesday
This was another last activity, of TiongHua Society Choir. Again, this is not the custom choir where a body of singers who perform together, like the ones you can see in schools.

We are just a bunch of students who like to sing... we sing pop chinese songs! hehe... although I'm not really a girl who can sing well, it's just my hobby.... Most of them can sing very well though... paiseh lah... my singing isn't good...

However, I've got to know many seniors and friends from the same batch from other courses by joining this society!
I'm in the fourth group of the 5 groups... our group leaders are Hui Fen & Jia Ling... Hui Fen's favourite quote is: "一巴盖下去!" while Jia Ling's is "oh baby~"

haha.... they are really friendly, helpful and humorous!

Before the activity ended, we were "forced" to make a promise with the seniors.. lolz... each of us was required to take and keep a piece of puzzle~! And to make a complete puzzle (=choir family), everyone of us will have to gather together next semester!

hmm... will everyone keep to the promise? haha... we will know it by the next semester! Anyhow, this idea is quite unique and meaningful! I was the first one to choose and I took the top left piece of this puzzle ....

Overall, I joined 3 societies this semester, namely TiongHua Society Choir Group, Japanese Society Odori Group, and Kelab Alam Sekitar (KAS)(=Environmental Club?). However, so far I didn't join any activity for the KAS lolz...


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