Saturday, October 06, 2007

1st Semester coming to an END!

I was truly busy for the past week! I had my biostatistics test last Tuesday and I think I did quite okay for it... hopefully I will get a better result!
Another test I had sat last Friday was Organic Chemistry.... although they were multiple choice questions, I think I did quite badly... as I'd mixed up all of the reactions again...
besides I wasn't able to finish studying the last chapter regarding the Alkyne's!

Besides sitting for tests, I was rushing for the ecology report which is to write a scientific report of result of the trees' observation.
It's a group work... other than doing my own part, I'm in charged of doing the finalization task.. so I still need to complete the whole power point slides.... while my group leader will complete the words document.

I admit our group doesn't do it well... it's hard to search for all of the species names of the flora and fauna found on our trees! so... it's not a complete/correct scientific report the way it should be...

Another assignment I was rushing was another group work -- business plan for my entrepreneurship course! Luckily my group was cooperative enough, they are indeed hardworking, even more hardworking than mine... I just did a small part... aiya. paiseh again... thanks my dear lovely group!
So far, many lectures had ended... but we still haven't finished the animal diversity! And we will have to sit for the test this coming Tuesday! It's a lot to study... all of the phyla of animal diversity!

oh ya... I have joined to be a working committee again, for running the event going to be held tomorrow night -- 华文学会内部观摩; it's organised by TiongHua Society again, which is a show consists of acting, singing and dancing!

This time, I'm in charged of "tools" 道具 .. my work is to move the things up to the stage and place the things on stage which will be used in the drama at the correct time. Luckily there are two guys in my group, so actually I don't really need to work so much... hehe..

Yesterday night there was a rehearsal, and tomorrow the whole day we will have to prepare as the real event will be held at night! We have to be at the hall by 7am @@~! Hope for the event to run smooth without any mistakes!

Looking forward to this coming Tuesday! I will be free after that day! hehehe... will be going home on Thursday right on the first day of my study weeks! geez.... the days after study weeks will be my final exam weeks!


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